Discover Cheap Foods that freshen your skin and keeps it glowing.

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You love to sculpt your body and wield that sizzling look that confers staggering confidence. I mean, who doesn’t want that?
You have even been working out fiercely to forge your body into the crushing beauty in your mind.

Maybe you are doing the work out right, and the missing link might just be what you are eating.

When Dr. Williams Steffanie, a dermatologist and medical doctor and the founder of European dermatology London, was asked the secret to slowing down aging and keeping a fresh skin, her answer was quite simple — “changing the way you eat.”

In this article, I will walk you through the foods to eat and the ways to eat them to hit home your skin targets.

Are you ready?

Let’s get to it.

Fresh Fish

You probably already know how extremely healthy fresh fishes are, but not many of us know they are really essential to our skin goals.

Well, fishes are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, and this fatty acids are critical to skin health.

Omega-3 fatty acid works to keep the skin mosturized, supple and fresh. Dimnished supply of omega-3 to the body causes dry and scaly skin.

Moreso, Omega-3 has ability to protect the skin from acute UV rays, keeping your skin clear and spotless.

Research also shows that fish oils contain supplements that are able to fight off inflammation from your skin and keep them tight and thick.

Essentially, fresh fishes are a good source of protein, and with them, your body builds elastin and collagen fibres, which supples your skin.

However, to get amazing benefits from fishes, Here’s a way to prepare them: the best ways to prepare fishes and preserve its nutrients are panfrying and boiling them.
Boil for a the shortest possible time. If you are panfrying, use healthy oil such as olive oil.


Even if you are skeptical about every skin care prescription, avocadoes stand apart and addresses a range of skin concerns.

This delicious fruit is high in healthy fats and will not only delight your taste buds, but also your skin.
Taking enough quantity of avocadoes will get your skin more flexible and moisturized.

As shown in a research involving 700 women— an adequate amount of avocado pear was confirmed to be the recipe for more springy and supple skin.

More importantly, Avocadoes contain a string of antioxidants such as Vit E and C and natural oil. Avocado is a one stop shop for skin protection, nourishment, hydration and softening.

In addition to these, They pack nutrients that eliminate sun burns.

If you are sad about the state of your skin, a nice way to start off a change could be taking avocadoes. Take avocadoes every day.

Sweet Potatoes

If you are not into sweet potatoes, it’s your loss. But well, now can be a good time to start.

These round yam-like oranges are imbued with many healthy vitamins and minerals including Anthocyanins, beta carotene, potassium, vitamins B, Vitamins C and Vitamin A.

Each of these vitamins and minerals performs a distinct function in the skin, carotene for example acts to protect your skin by blocking off sun burns.

These collections of nutrients and minerals in sweet potatoes stamp out sun burn, prevent cell death, eliminate dry and wrinkled skin.

And guess what? Sweet potatoes are actually sweet and they’re many exciting ways to serve them.
One of the healthiest way to cook sweet potatoes is by boiling. Boiling retains most of the antioxidants in contrast with steaming and frying.
You must, however, see that you keep its peel on. Research shows that potatoe peels bear upto ten times the oxidant power of its flesh.


Tomatoes constitute an abundant supply of vitamin C, in addition to containing all the relevant carotenoids helpful for skin glow.

If you are taking enough Tomatoes, you will get your skin protected from the sun and clear out wrinkles, giving you a bright and clean skin.

Meanwhile, your application of tomatoes isn’t just limited to eating them, you can rub tomatoes as you can eat them. Cut them in half, and rub abundantly throughout your skin, allow for 5 minutes before washing off.
Enjoy the clearer and tighter skin that ensues.

Want a supple, clean and soft skin? Try out Tomatoes.

Sun flower Seeds

Generally, seeds and oil do a great deal of goodness to the skin.

But sun flower seed packs a bunch of active antioxidants that keep the skin glowing and simmering with freshness.
They contain vitamin E, Seasamol, linoleic acid and oleic acid.
Another great way to apply sunflower seeds is by rubbing the oil extracts on your skin.
There’s no better way to keep your skin aflame than with using the sunflower seeds and extracts.

You too can glow as the sun. Trust me, it’s not beyond you.

In Conclusion

Captured in this article are the cheapest ways to get your skin glinting and dazzling.
Make sure to try them out and share your testimonies. Do you have any concerns? Share them with me using the comment box.

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