Game: High Quality Games You Can Play on Your Low Quality Android Phones

You love playing game/games, but there are so many obstacles in your way stopping you in your tracks and denying you the enjoyment you desire. From low data and low cash to low space and crashes—these make you cringe and you feel like dropping your android device in the thrash by the next stop.
Don’t throw away your phone just yet, I have a solution to your problems.
In this piece, I would show you enthralling games that will fill you with the joys of spring and drown you in the seas addiction.
They are free, so you don’t need to pay a dime to get them, they won’t crash, they don’t require data and yes, they are under 50mb in size.

Here’s our list of enthralling games under 50MB. Enjoy.

Zombie Smasher Game


If you love action, Zombie smasher packs a lot of punch and will satisfy your craving. Fiercely defend your town by tapping on the invading zombies to smash and eliminate them. With each Zombie you destroy, you gain points. And each level unlocks different types of zombies. This action game is simple, yet captivating.
As you advance through the ranks, get ready to encounter new zombies imbued with new characteristics. Dog zombies change directions fast, Miner zombies dig the ground and use it for a hideout.

Many tools are also available in your Arsenal, from electric fences, to bombs.
The story mode packs upto 60 levels, and that’s not all there is, there’s also the survival mode and the time mode.

Are you ready to vent?

Download here

Brick Demolition Game

Brick breaker games have been around for more than a decade; this game shows just how you don’t need new games to enjoy gaming. Brick demolition reinvents the brick breaker game style.

A log of bricks break down and vanish when you hit them using the bouncy ball, Be wary, for not all bricks will break in one tap.

Some bricks require two taps or even three taps to break down, depending on their colour. Some bricks also release power ups when hit, so stay on the alert and catch as many power ups as you can, while making sure the ball does not fall down.

Download here


The mechanism to playing ZigZag is just tapping the screen. With each tap, you change the direction of the ball.

Sounds easy right? Not to scare you, but this game isn’t that simple.

The ball is on a precarious path with many slopes, your job is to keep the ball safe and go as far as possible.

Pick up Gems on your path as you get along. Don’t fall down. Don’t miss gems.

Download here

Flow Free

This is not to generalize, but a good number of people who have played flow free can tell just how highly this game ranks amongst puzzle games. Faced with a grid of squares with coloured puzzles, your task is to connect dots of same colours. Draw pipes between them to connect. As you start out with grid blocks of 5×5, it’s easy peasy, but things gradually turn drudgy as you inch towards 9×9 grid blocks.

Download here

Marble Legend Game

This is a variant of the grand and popular Zuma deluxe, actually an upgrade of it.
A chain of coloured balls snake through a path to reach their goal of sinking into a hole. Your aim is to stop them in their tracks, and you do this by firing balls of matching colours into the log. each time you connect atleast three balls of same colour, you get them destroyed.  As you play through the game, you acquire power ups—from slow ball movement and completely halting ball movement, to acquiring a target pointer and even blasting a bomb through the balls.

Download here

Having tried a string of chess apps on playstore, put your money on me when I say that easily comes out on top.
It satisfies all the requirements to enjoy chess and even improve at it. You can play against computer at different levels, you can also play against real people online.

Because thousands of people play, the matching ensures you square off against people of similar skill set. You can also play with chess time or chess 360.

If you are a rising chess star, can forge you Into a champion. Learn from daily tactics and daily puzzle challenge and tutorials. Keep on learning, and keep on building up your skill.

Download here

Hexagon King Game

Hexagon King game might not be popular, but it has all it takes for an exhilarating game play.

A hexagon sits on a Tetris block of tower, and you have to keep removing these blocks while keeping the hexagon from falling.

This mind-joggling puzzle game looks easy but it will definitely keep your hexagon and you tottering at the edge.

Download here


This is our list of addictive game under 50mb. No matter the spec of android or iOS you are using, these games will run smoothly and will keep you glued to the screen.

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